The Path of Noor & Noor’s Urs Video

On Noor’s 76th Urs, Sunday, September 13, 2020, Pir Zia Inayat Khan, Noor’s nephew, shared the following poem. Also, please see below for the full Noor Urs video from that Sunday.

The Path of Noor
By Pir Zia Inayat Khan

If you seek to follow Noor,
Let your subtle heart be pure.
If you would behold her light,
Let your conscience shimmer bright.

Noor will greet you where you stand
And conduct you to her land,
But you must be spry of foot
And shake off your dust and soot.

Noor will guide your way aright
Through the perils of the night,
Out beyond this waste of gloom,
Outre-mer, where sweet peas bloom.

Follow her and keep apace.
Thus, in time you’ll reach the place
Where Simurgh sings in the trees,
Harmonizing with the breeze.

There a brook of nectar flows
And the weary find repose
In the shade of fragrant vines,
As the whole of nature shines.

She will smile upon you then
And uplift her aèdic pen
To indite a song of deeds,
Stringing words like prayer beads.

In that tale you’ll find your soul
And espy the endless goal.
Harken then unto her code
Till the final Tamam Shud.


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