Soprano Gonca Bogoromova and Pianist Milica Skarik Perform Noor’s “Song to the Madzub”

Macedonia-based soprano Gonca Bogoromova and pianist Milica Skarik performed Noor’s composition “Song to the Madzub” at the Concert Hall of Faculty of Music Art in Skopje, University Ss. Cyril and Methodius, North Macedonia, together with pieces by Viennese composers Alexander Zemlinsky and Alban Berg. This recital program has particularly poignant significance, as each of these composers’ lives was shattered by the rise of Nazism. Besides Noor’s ultimate sacrifice in support of the Allied war effort, Zemlinsky, whose mother was born in Sarajevo to parents of Sephardic Jewish and Bosniak descent, and Berg, who studied under the Jewish modernist composer Arnold Schoenburg, both found themselves unable to perform their music in Germany. Milica has said of Noor’s composition that she is interested in the “shift of vibration this song produces” in the audience– it elicits a “particular attunement and focus.”

Song of the Madzub

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