Boston Musica Viva and Soprano Lucy Fitz Gibbon Premiere a Song Cycle Inspired by Noor’s Aède of the Ocean and Land

Boston Musica Viva and soprano Lucy Fitz Gibbon premiered composer Shirish Korde’s “The Conference of the Birds,” which was partly inspired by Noor’s verse drama Aède of the Ocean and Land. The seven acts and structure of Aède recall the seven valleys traversed by the birds in Farid ud-Din Attar’s celebrated medieval Sufi poem. Shirish, who has been commissioned to compose the score for Aède has received numerous grants and awards for his work. He has been recognized for his integrative compositional approach which draws from diverse musical traditions outside the Western classical music canon, from Balinese Gong Kebyar Gamelan and Hindustani Classical to jazz.

Shirish Korde

Lucy Fitzgibbon

Boston Musica Viva

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